Securely manage and recycle technology to sustainably maximize and measure social impact.

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A sustainable source of refurbished computers for the kids and families you serve.


Recycle your old electronics, and join the E-Revolution

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Techygreen Way

Let's create a sustainable future that is good for the earth and the people.
We are the only company that transforms your old technology into a measurable tool for social impact.
It makes sense because it is good for everyone's bottom line and creates a ripple effect across communities.
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It's always a win-win-win

Check out some of our Impact Stories
and let’s create one together.

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Measure and showcase
your environmental and social impact

Keep track of the efforts in real-time through your partner portal.

Do you need customized reporting for your ESG requirements? We create bespoke plans to fit your needs.

Highest complience standarts
for data security and recycling

Your data security is one of our biggest priorities. We are 100% committed to protecting your personal and business information, IT assets, and business interests.
At eSmart Recycling, we understand our customers need to focus on what they do best, and that’s why they rely on us to get the job done, right. We provide a transparent full chain of custody as we manage the process of recycling, reuse, recovery, and retirement of electronic material at the highest compliance standards.

For more information about standards, certificates and compliance requirements, please contact us directly.

It's  easy It's agile It's seamless

  1. Collection: We take care of the logistics, and heavy lifting  -Schedule a pickup.

2. Audit Report: We document every pickup and have the ability to customize the inventory process to fit your needs

3. Data Destruction: Our data destruction promise will protect your peace of mind. Do you need custom certificates of data destruction?

4. Chain of custody and Reporting: Measure your environmental and social footprint.

5. Giving back. Check out these Impact stories and see how you are making a difference 


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Kids and families now have access to technology because of our joint efforts

Join us in making the world a
better place

As we continue to evolve, we are understanding that equality of opportunities across the board must be a priority on everyone’s agenda. Humanity’s biggest threat right now is the lack of sustainable access to basic human rights, such as education, and technology. It is our responsibility to lead by example, to think outside the box, and to work together to solve the problems our community is facing. It starts with an old computer. Are you ready to join the E-Revolution?

Awesome people great

Together we can make a difference, and our team is the driving force that turns ideas into reality.

We take action
Because we care

Adults will have had no education beyond primary school by 2030 – Gordon Brown.
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about 80% of electronics end up in a landfill and contaminate the earth, according to the E.P.A.
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Of our proceeds are used to fund the refurbishment of computers and deploy them through our amazing distribution partners.
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A single computer we deploy through our programs reaches 4 people on average.

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